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How to export a design for email....


When you need to e-mail a design to a client, click on the 'Export' icon which is the sheet of paper with a green arrow on it (6th from the left on the top toolbar).  A window and an instruction box will open.  One is the Windows 'print' window and the other a small blue window which requests that you select the 'PDF Printer' from the list of printers in the 'Print' window.  This is the "eDocprinter PDF Pro" that is part of your CCDS Image Design Systemô so select this printer by highlighting it.  You then click' 'Print' which will open the 'Save PDF File As' window.   See the image below.  You then type in the file name you want and click save.  After a moment, a PDF file of your design will appear on your screen.  You will then be able to e-mail this file to a client as a PDF attachment. 




Note:   Even if your client does not have Adobe Reader installed on their computer, the Adobe file will automatically suggest obtaining the free download that Adobe offer from their site.  Also your CCDS Image Design Systemô worksheet defaults to 'Landscape' mode to enable larger designs to fit on the page.  This results in the Adobe file appearing to be sideways.  Your client will be able to print this design and view it in landscape format, but if you prefer to send the design in 'Portrait' format, you can rotate the design to appear as it should on-screen by going to the Adobe menu toolbar, clicking on 'View', selecting 'Rotate View' from the drop-down and selecting 'Counter-clockwise'.  The design will then appear correctly orientated.