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Woodgrain images


The CCDS Home Office Image Design Systemô allows you to depict offices with a Woodgrain finish as well as cabinetry finished in a light color (White or Almond for example) with flat door and drawer fronts, (see: White Flat Front  Images) and raised panel door and drawer fronts (see: White Raised Panel Images).


If you are designing an office requiring cabinetry with a Wood-grain finish, you will need to navigate to the appropriate image Library folder (see: How to navigate through the Image Libraries).  Once you reach the 'Woodgrain Unit Images' library folder, you will find several sub-folders from which to select your images.  There are 7 in all and it is then a simple task to select the image you need from these labeled library folders which are listed below.


            Blind Corner Cabs.


            Angled uppers

            Base units

            Upper units

            Open shelf base units

            Open shelf upper units.


Once you have built up the basic design from these unit images, you can move on to the other image files containing Counter-tops and Toe-kicks, finally finishing your design with some desk-top items from the 'Key-trays & Desk-top items' image folder.  (see: Additional Home Office Images).