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How to navigate through the Image Libraries


Once your software is open and you are ready to start a design, you will need to know how to find exactly the image you want.  The Image Design Library folders are accessed by clicking the 'Add image' icon (see: How to add an Image) and you will then be presented with the 'Insert Image window, a picture of which is below. 



First time use only.  


The first time you open your CCDS Design Software after installing it, you will need to navigate to the Image Libraries at this stage.  They will be found in your Program files and you get to this by clicking once on "My Computer', on the left side panel of the window.  Then double-click on your hard drive (usually 'C') by selecting from the list in the main window.  Now look for 'Program files' from the new list you are presented with and double-click on that.  You will now be looking at all your program files.  Search for the folder labeled 'CCDS Image Design Software™' and double-click on that.  This will open your image libraries. You can navigate through them using the same procedure.  


Once you have made your first image selection, click the 'Insert' button at the bottom right of the window.  Please refer to the pictures above and below when you are doing this as it will help.  After you have your first image on-screen, the 'Insert image' window will default to the last folder opened.  This makes life a lot easier!


As you continue to add images, you will need to navigate up and down through the Image Library folders and this is done by using the small icons at the top right side of the open window.  The 'Look in' bar shows which folder is open  and to the right you will see a small green arrow pointing to the left.  Clicking this icon allows you to travel backwards to the last folder open.  On the right of that is a folder icon with a small arrow pointing upward.  This allows you to travel one level up.  With a little practice you will soon become familiar with the position of the most frequently used library folders and these procedures will become second nature.


Finally, it is often helpful to see the Images as thumbnails as opposed to a list as it is easier to pick from a picture.  The final icon on the top right allows you to select how you wish to view the images from a drop down menu.  Simply click on the downward pointing arrow and select 'thumbnails' from the list.  A picture of the images displayed as thumbnails is shown below.