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Cover Sheet


The "Cover Sheet" is one of the most interesting Images in that it is the only one with nothing on it!  It is actually just a blank sheet which is used, as the name implies, to cover a certain part of another image.  There are many uses for the ability to cover part of an image … a few are mentioned below:


            Where you have to design for an area of split level height


            When you need to blank out a specific area. 


            As an alternative method of narrowing a particular image. (A tall, narrow coversheet is purposely supplied for doing this).


            For blanking off the Toe Board when depicting floor-standing systems with no bottom shelf or Toe-Kick. 

            (narrow cover sheets  in different widths are supplied for this purpose)


Indeed, you will probably find more uses for the 'Cover Sheet' as you become familiar with your CCDS Image Design System™.  As an example of the 'Cover Sheet' in use, see the design below.  Here the cover sheet was used 4 times to blank out parts of 4 'Full Height Section Images' to depict a design  for an under-stairs storage area.  The design is one made from our Closet Image Design System but the same principle applies to it's use in all of the other systems.