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Overlay images


The images in the Overlay Image libraries contain all the individual images you are likely to need to refine your design exactly as you want it.  There are around 300 images depicting such things as:


                    Individual drawers 

                    Individual shelves 

                    Raised panel doors and drawers

                    Light & Dark Wood-grain doors and drawers

                    Crown Molding & Fluted Columns

                    Children's and Baby clothing

                    Shoe Shelves


                    Jewelry Drawers

                    Belt racks, Tie racks & Valet rods ............................. and this is just part of the list of images available!


We suggest you take some time to familiarize yourself with the contents of the 'Overlay Images' folders.  Below is a design showing a few of the overlay images incorporated into a design.  There are actually many sample designs, some with notes on how they were put together on your 'CCDS Image Design Software™ CD and we suggest that you refer to these whilst familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of the CCDS Image Design Software™.



To use the 'Overlay images' simply import the image of the feature or accessory you want to depict onto the screen (see How to Add an image) and maneuver it into position on the worksheet.  (See How to move an Image around the WorksheetHow to select an Image and  How to increase the magnification for more information).