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Full height closet sections


This category of images form the core structure of virtually every closet design you likely to have to prepare.  They are divided into 3 sections:


1. 84 inch System

2. 96 inch System

3. Wall-hang. System


The 84 inch system images are for use when designing floor-standing closets for regular height ceilings, such as 8 to 8 feet tall.  The 96 inch system images are for use when designing floor-standing systems for higher ceilings, such as 9 feet and over in height.  The Images in the Wall-hanging system are specifically for wall mounted systems. 


When confronted with extremely tall ceilings where triple hanging becomes an option, the system allows for additional sections to be placed above the regular full height sections which can be found in the 'Overlay Images' library folders.


Start by importing the basic structures you want to depict in your design.  (See Add an Image).  Continue to add images until you have the main part of your design completed.  You will notice that all the 'Full Height Section Images' are depicted with a left side but no right side.  This is to enable you to accurately and quickly depict the single panel construction process widely used in the closet industry.  This also means that you will need to finish each wall of a design with an End Panel and you will find an image for a suitably sized end panel in each of the three Full Height Structure libraries.



When designing for large areas and closets with three walls or more, we suggest labeling the walls individually and starting a new worksheet page for wider walls.  (See Closet Design Basics for more information)