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Garage Design Basics


This section is designed to help you get started with your CCDS Garage Image Design System.


The basic principle of the Garage System, as with all our design systems, is to import pre-drawn sections of garages to a worksheet to form a design.  The software has many tools to enable you to put even the most elaborate of designs together quickly and easily.


To put a Garage design together you will need to discuss the requirements with your client and work out the sizes you will be recommending, such as widths of the sections, as you normally would.  You can then start to use your CCDS design software.


In most cases you will need to start with the Full Height Section Images followed by base and upper units.  Sometimes your designs may contain only base and upper units.  These images come as open, shelved units and also as closed door and drawer units.  They will form the structure of the design (see 'How to add an image' for more information).  You can then add images of bench tops, base covering, peg board or slat-wall and one or two images of the various items normally found in a garage to form an attractive design to present to a client.  An example is shown below.



There are images of garage sections and units in various industry-standard widths.   These are 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches wide.  Should you require a custom size, simply select an image of the section or unit closest to the width and height you need, import it to the screen (see How to add an image) and then either increase or decrease the width of the image as necessary.  (See How to re-size an Image and How to use the Scale Rulers for more information).


The Image Libraries available to you in the CCDS Garage Image Design System™ will allow you to design for virtually every design scenario you are likely to encounter.  Your CCDS Design Software has powerful tools to enable you to refine the design to be an exact scale depiction of the finished garage, complete with all the "junk" you tend to find in a garage stored neatly on the shelves and tools on the peg-board and bench!  It will also have a unique hand-prepared look that will make your designs stand out from your competitors.


The CCDS Image Design Software™ gives you a large "Screen Worksheet" on which to design but for larger areas, where two or more walls are involved,  we suggest labeling individual walls and starting a separate page as necessary.


You will find folders containing some sample designs on your CCDS Image Design Software™ CD.  We suggest you take some time to review these whilst familiarizing yourself with the CCDS Garage Image Design System™.