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How to group images....


Select the first image you wish to group by clicking on it.  The green highlight box will form around the image.  Now do the following:


1.  Hold down the SHIFT key.

2.  Move your mouse to the second image you wish to include in your grouping and click on it.  A second green highlighted box will form around it. 

3.  Repeat the last process for all the images you wish to include in your grouping.

4.  Release the Shift key. 

5.  Move your mouse to the LEFT blue squared "Group" icon on the bottom toolbar and click on it once. 


The selected items will then group together and you will be able to move them around the screen as if they were a single item. (See : How to move an image around the worksheet).


Note:   The ability to group items is particularly useful when using several overlays in a design and for re-sizing an entire design when required.   For more information on this, refer to the section on 'Using the Image Libraries'.