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Closet Design Basics


This section is designed to help you get started with your CCDS Closet Design System.


The basic principle of the Closet System, as with all our design systems, is simply to import pre-drawn images to a worksheet  to form the designs you require.  The software has many tools to enable you to put even the most elaborate of designs together quickly and easily.


To put a closet design together you will need to discuss the requirements with your client and work out the sizes you will be recommending, (i.e. widths of the sections) as you normally would.  You can then start to use your CCDS design software.


In almost every case you will need to start with the 'Full Height Section Images', which will form the structure of the design (see How to add an image for more information).  The picture below shows the procedures necessary to put a very basic design together.  



The 'Full Height Section Images' are depicted in the 6 most regularly used closet sections, namely:


      Double hanging with a central shelf

      Double hanging without a central shelf

      Three-quarter length hanging for dresses and coats

      Fully shelved sections

      Shelving above low-level hanging

      Shelving above a set of drawers 


The picture below shows these 6 different sections



Each of the categories above has an image shown in 4 scale widths, namely:


            18 inches wide

            24 inches wide

            30 inches wide

            36 inches wide


The picture below shows double hanging depicted in the 4 different widths.



When putting a design together, decide which section most closely resembles what you want to depict then simply select an image of that closet section closest to the width you need from the 4 scale section widths available.  For example, if you need to depict a 26 inch wide section showing shelving above hanging, select the 24 inch wide 'Shelving above low-level hanging' image, import it to the screen (see How to Add an image) and you can increase the width of the image by using the 'Re-size an Image' tool to depict the exact scale width you require.  (See How to re-size an image and How to use the scale rulers for more information).


Once you have the basic structure on your screen, you can make refinements to this from the 'Overlay images'.  This Overlay Image Library contains images of individual sections of closet components and accessories and you will find sufficient images to cater for virtually every design scenario you are likely to encounter.  Your CCDS Design Software has powerful tools to enable you to refine the design to be an exact scale depiction of the finished closet, complete with clothes on shelves and hangers.  It will also have a unique hand-drawn look that will make your designs stand out from your competitors.


The CCDS Image Design Software™ gives you a large "Screen Worksheet" on which to design but for larger areas such as big master bedroom closets where you may have three, four or more walls to design for, we suggest labeling individual walls and starting a separate page as necessary.  Below is a picture showing a walk-in closet labeled as described. 



You will find folders containing many sample designs and notes on how some of them were put together on your CCDS Image Design Software™ CD.  We suggest you take some time to review these whilst familiarizing yourself with the CCDS Image Design System™.