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How to start a design....


When you first open the software, a blank worksheet will appear on the screen so you can begin importing images to the screen right away.  See section on  'How to add an image'


When you have finished your first design and wish to start another, move your mouse to the "New Design" icon at the very left of the top toolbar and click on it.  A small window will open asking you if you want to save the changes to your current project.  Select 'yes', 'no' or 'cancel' as appropriate.  If you select 'yes', the 'Save As' window opens and you then type in the name you wish for your design ('Master bedroom closet', for example) click 'Save', and your design will be saved under that name in your 'Projects' folder.  The worksheet then reverts to a blank workspace ready for you to begin your next design.