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Welcome to the CCDS Help File


Thanks for purchasing the CCDS Image Design System.  Closet & Cabinetry Design Services are the foremost producers of low cost design software for the closet and cabinetry related industry.  


This help file will give you all the information that you need to start designing.  It consists of three parts.  


The first part is the "how to" part.  Each "how to" section contains step by step instructions of how to use the tools within the system to build up your design.  It does not explain everything you could possibly achieve with the Image Design Systems but clearly explains basic tasks so you can get up to speed easily.


The second part shows the worksheet and gives an explanation of all the tools available to you to complete your designs.   


The third part explains how best to use the Image Libraries that form the core of your design system.  Each design system is dealt with individually and full explanations of the contents of each, and their use, are given. 


Once again we appreciate your business and wish you success with the system and.... have fun designing!