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System Basics

It’s so easy you can learn it in your lunch hour!
User Interface

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The user interface and workspace

The interface of the CCDS Design Software is really simple and has deliberately been developed that way.  We believe that todays’ designers don’t have time to learn huge programs. Our systems can be mastered in your lunch break!!  Yes…. they really are that simple.

This software is something you can take with you, on your laptop, to your appointment and show your client a proposed design, there and then. Seeing the colorful images flash up on the computer really enthralls some clients and is always well received. Indeed, many designers often use CCDS Design systems in conjunction with an existing CAD system for their speed, portability and ease of use. This enables them to offer their client a more attractive visual depiction of the remodeled closet in just minutes, making it an invaluable sales aid. It really will help you come away with that all important order!

We have provided an Demo Video that you can either download or view online and you will find this helpful in demonstrating how simple each of our design systems are. They all work on the same principle and come with a comprehensive ‘Help’ file, but if you do need some personal help to get started, please contact us … we are always happy to help.

Watch the Demo

Want to have your own customized design software?

No problem. Go to our Customization Page for more details. Alternatively we have another website at www.ccdscustomdesign.com which goes into more detail about the customization services we offer. You can also view some of the customized design software that we have recently undertaken.

PLEASE NOTE: Our systems are now available with Metric sizing as well as the standard Feet and Inches sizing.

Why not try our new software for a 30 day evaluation today. Download the Trial  and see for yourself just how simple our software is to use.

Download our Trial

We offer a 30 day version of our trial.

Please download and try it for yourself! If you have any further questions please call (386) 405 0306 or go to our Help/Support tab for more information
Free Trial

Watch Our Demo

We have a movie that can be downloaded to your computer showing the workspace and how easy it is to use. When you click on OUR DEMO the download link will appear at the bottom left of your screen. Tutorial Movie
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