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Nothing about our systems is black and white …….. except maybe their ease of use! ……



Are you looking for a  “low-tech” answer in our “high-tech” world?…..  then CCDS design systems could be the answer for you.  The popular and versatile CCDS software currently has 3 design systems depicting  Closets, Garages and Home Offices.  Whenever you purchase any one of these systems you will also receive a PANTRY DESIGN SYSTEM ABSOLUTELY FREE! Our hand drawn style is unique and comes in a variety of finishes – Light, Medium and Dark Wood grains, Maple, Almond and, of course, white. They were hand produced on an electronic drawing tablet which makes their “look” quite unlike a computer generated design generally does. If you want to stand out from other designers, CCDS Image Design Software is perfect for you.

    • Closet Design Software

      The closet design software was the first of the CCDS Image Design Systems and has proved to be the most popular.  It’s colorful depictions of a proposed closet helps designers to produce something visual to a client at the first appointment.  

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    • Garage Design Software

      With the trend towards more colorful garages, the Garage Image Design System has a unique “look” that does not appear computer generated.  It is colorful and even has images of the kind of articles you would generally find in a garage!

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    • Home Office Design Software

      As with all CCDS design systems, the Home Office/Media Center Image Design System is very simple to use and can be put together quickly. This is ideal to use in front of the client and helps them visualize your proposals for their Home Office/Media Center design. 

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  • Customized Software

    A customized design system featuring your own products and services can help you stand out from your competitors!  CCDS have been in the business of creating software for many years now and has been approached by many different companies wanting to offer something unique to their customers. 

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