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Is it really just a better way to hang your clothes?

closet designOver the last few years, when things in our biz have got rather “tight”, I have often questioned myself by asking just that!  Can you really expect a potential customer … a lead that in one way or another you have probably paid handsomely for … that spending 4 grand plus on a nicely fitted closet makes sense!  After all, they are often more concerned with paying the mortgage; car payment so they can get to work; college fund for the kids … the list goes on … every month!

I suppose that in many respects, that is exactly what it actually is … a better way to hang your clothes!  After all, you can go to Lowes or the Home Depot, spend around a hundred bucks and knock something up if you are half-way handy … plus another 100 or so for a handyman to build it for you if you are not so handy around the house.  Something like this, perhaps …

Drawing of clothes in a closet

So … how do you go about convincing a potential purchaser that he/she really needs this closet remodel you are proposing they should have?   The days of just presenting a pretty picture of a design have been gone for a while now … although things are gradually getting better.  Back then, aesthetics were all you really needed; at least that’s what I was finding.  “Looks fabulous, doesn’t it!!” was often the only closing line I needed!

Well, the answer in many respects is ‘Back to Basics’ … try following these tried and tested points ………

1.  Be On Time

clockI have lost track of the number of times where just arriving for an appointment on time, plus presenting myself as a professional who knew what he was doing was sufficient to get me a sale!  I remember one large town in central Florida (where I was working at the time, and shall remain nameless), where all I had to do was knock on the door at the appointed hour!  The client was often surprised to see me … “I set out to get 4 quotes to compare, but 2 never showed up; one was 3 hours late, but you are here on time” they would say, or something like that.  Of course I left with a sale on pretty well every occasion!!


2.  Be Properly Prepared

Be Prepared

Make sure you have everything you need in your case/bag … whatever you use to carry your stuff.  Have samples at the ready; brochures; sketching paper, and I always carried a raised panel drawer front.  Make sure that all your stuff is IN GOOD CONDITION too … no scratches and anything looking tatty!

3.  A Decent Tape Measure

tape measureYou’ve got no chance of having a happy client (happy clients mean referrals!!) if you get the measurements wrong!  A decent 26 foot tape at least, and I always carried a spare.  I use a De-Walt, and my trusty, old Stanley is now my back-up.  May seem old fashioned to some … laser tapes have been around for ages … but I found that I could really “look the part” running around, waving my tape measure.  Getting a basic floor plan down quickly and accurately establishes that you are knowledgeable and know what you’re doing early on in the presentation.  We all have our own style of presentation … I found that if I put on “a bit of a show” (don’t overdo it though), generally went down well, plus it looked like I knew what I was doing!

4.  Use A Good Design Software

This is where we are going to shamelessly plug our CCDS Image Design System!!    CCDS has a FREE Closet design system which anyone can access and use on-line!  It gives you the ability to present an attractive, colorful rendition of your design proposal.   As it’s hand-drawn in the main, the designs don’t look computer-generated.  It’s also quick and fun to use, for your client too!  Check it out at  … www.designthecloset.com 

Closet Design by CCDS

The free system is fully functional, but has limited images with which to design.  Ideal for possible client to play around with designs and to get idea; also for the interior designer who only comes across a possible closet make-over occasionally.  If you are in the business of closet design, check out our full Image Design System, (for Garages, Home Offices and Pantries too) with loads more Images to use in a design.  Find that at … www.c-cds.com

5.  Ask For The Business


Seems silly to have to include this, but so often a designer presents a design and then leaves, hoping they will like it and buy from them.  You may call yourself a “Designer” on your biz cards (I do), but what you are as soon as you go into a client’s home/business premises is a SALES PERSON!  Traditionally, sales people should never take “NO” for an answer!  Truth is you don’t need to be “pushy” if you have done your job properly, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get at least an answer, if not a sale.  No-one ever gets them all, but if you follow all these tips, you should get a good “hit rate”, even in these sometimes difficult times.  I have averaged around 2 sales from 3 appointments over the years I have been designing, mainly following these few tips, and you’ll do well too!

Good luck! (we all need a bit of that) and may the Closet “Force” be with you!

The Closet Force!



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