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DIY Closets… are you up for it?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have an attractive and functional closet … just some ideas, a few pointers on how to go about it if you are a complete novice,  and a little enthusiasm.  If you supply the enthusiasm, we can help you with the rest!

diy-toolsBefore you can build anything, whatever you are doing, you need a plan!  The very first tip is to NOT try and cram everything you have in your unruly closet at present back in!  Do an inventory of all your “stuff”, and be ruthless over what to keep and what to get rid of.  We all know people who regularly pay around $100 per month (and more) at a storage facility, just to keep their excess stuff.  I needed a storage unit last year for just a couple of months between houses, and was next to a guy who told me he had his unit for 8 years, just for the family’s excess “stuff”!  Make this project an opportunity to streamline this bit of your life … you’ll be glad you did!

When you are going through all your clothing and whatever you want to store, remember the old adage “if you haven’t used something for a year or so, then you don’t really need it!”  Exceptions are items of sentimental value and perhaps antiques which you would expect to increase in value.  That aside, all clothing, shoes and general “Stuff” are fair game!  If items of clothing are still serviceable, do donate them to a charity/thrift shop, as someone will be grateful for a clothing bargain, plus you can get a tax exemption for the value the shop feel the items would make.  Most stores have forms for this, so do ask for that form for your tax deduction for the forthcoming year.

Just make this aspect a wonderful opportunity to finally dump those awful 1970’s bell-bottom jeans, and those Dallas/Sue-Ellen shoulder-pad dresses too!

Dated clothes from the 70's
Closet designOnce you’ve arrived at the position that you are left with clothes and shoes you wear regularly,  or at least occasionally, then you need to plan out the space available to the best advantage.  This is where our CCDS Free Closet Design System will help you tremendously! It’s simple and fun to use and you will be able to make colorful visuals of possible designs for the space you have. Check it out here …….


Remember that high and low hanging poles (also known as ‘double hanging’) is the best way to go to maximize hanging space, plus shelving, baskets and drawers will all help make the most of the space you have.  A properly planned closet will be attractive as well!  “Esthetically pleasing to the eye” as they say, which is a nice bonus!

You will also need some tools for the job.  Not many for a basic job, so beg, borrow; or even purchase (well-made tools are always a good investment) what you haven’t already got.  Here are some tools that will come in very handy for jobs like closet re-modelling, plus a myriad of other jobs along the way …

Battery Powered Drill

BATTERY POWERED DRILL … a good brand, and reasonably powerful electric drill, plus a set of drill bits, will last you well and take care of a host of other things around the home.


HammerA HAMMER… or “hammerfore”, as a friend of mine called it.  When people questioned him “what’s a hammerfore”, he would reply “knocking in nails”    Anyway … I digress …… but a hammer is always a handy thing to have around.

levelA SPIRIT LEVEL… you know; the thing with a little bubble that tells you that a shelf or a support is perfectly horizontal or vertical.  Even seasoned carpenters … a few at least, seem to forget this item … as witnessed when you come across a structure that is reminiscent of the Leaning Tower of Pisa!   Make sure that’s not you and get one … they come in various lengths; a 2 foot long one should suffice.

SOME SCREWS & FITTINGS… specifically which ones will be determined by the structure you are planning, and also by the type of wall that your closet fitment will be secured to.

tape_measureA TAPE MEASURE… something you will need first, so you will have accurate measurements of the area to be remodeled.  A retractable 12 to 15 foot tape should be fine for most jobs of this nature, but 26 foot tapes are frequently used in the trade, and a necessity for larger areas.

COUPLE OF SCREW DRIVERS… regular and Phillips type (with the cross heads), which are easier to work with, especially when used with a power drill.  Add on a couple of other items … some pliers and a box-cutter type of knife are very useful, but make sure you get the type that have a blade lock … most on the market nowadays have some sort of method to prevent accidents.

OK … now you are properly kitted out and have “binned” or donated all the clothing and stuff you no longer want/need, and are ready to get some materials.

 Watch for the up-coming post on where to go from here ….



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