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Our Closet Image Design System features over 1000 images which, when combined with the software’s tools, will enable you to design virtually any feature that you are ever likely to be asked for by your clients. There are Images to feature a variety of finishes … Light, Medium and Dark wood-grains, Maple, Almond and of course White. Below we have featured two designs, one front view and one topdown view.  Beside them we have given you a breakdown of creating these designs together with some Tweaks and Suggestions.

A sample Closet DesignThe closet to the left has been created by firstly importing 3 full-height images to the screen worksheet to form the main structure of the approximately 8 feet wide reach-in closet. An image of an end panel completes the structure, which took us less than a minute to complete.We used several ‘Overlay’ images to complete the design … the 2 different baskets, the 3 drawer stack, belt and tie racks and finally the valet rod were all pulled up onto the screen and positioned roughly in place. That only takes about a minute to do as well. Once everything needed to complete the design is roughly in place, we used the magnification tool to bring the design up to 300 percent magnification to help us position each of the overlay images correctly. The wire basket below the drawer stack was too tall to fit exactly in the space, so we used the “Re-Size” tool to reduce the image height slightly so that it fits in the design space properly.

These refinements only took around 2 to 3 minutes to complete, so you would have had this attractive, colorful design featuring several overlays completed and ready to show your client in just 5 minutes or so!

A topdown design of a closetThis Top-Down (floor-plan) viewpoint design reflects the components of the elevation design beside it. Top Down designs are created in the same way as elevation designs … but now you are importing images of “boxes” to the screen worksheet to depict a floor-plan of the design you would have produced for your client. Again, there are sufficient Top-down images to reflect any design you have produced using the CCDS Elevation Images.

The basis of the design consistes of 3 main boxes which have the wall section depicted (in Blue), plus the text to describe the section layout already embedded on them; in this case, double hang, shelves with drawers and full length hanging. The overlay accessory images are are depicted by using contrasting color strips with text embedded to describe the additional components used to complete a very functional reach-in closet. This is exactly the sort of thing you are going to come across a lot when out designing for prospective clients.  See more designs on the Closet Gallery page.

This design took a bit less time to prepare than the elevation design … again, we positioned all the components roughly in place and then raised the magnification to enable us to place the descriptive images exactly in place, just as we did with the elevation design. With a small, one wall closet such as this, placing the top-down design directly below the the elevation design the boxes depict, makes for an attractive presentation to your client, ensuring an extremely good chance of leaving with an order!!


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