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DIY Closets… are you up for it?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have an attractive and functional closet … just some ideas, a few pointers on how to go about it if you are a complete novice,  and a little enthusiasm.  If you supply the enthusiasm, we can help you with the rest! Before […]


Is it really just a better way to hang your clothes?

Over the last few years, when things in our biz have got rather “tight”, I have often questioned myself by asking just that!  Can you really expect a potential customer … a lead that in one way or another you have probably paid handsomely for … that spending 4 grand […]


The History of Closets…

.. albeit a seriously abridged one! The word ‘Closet’ has been around quite a while, if you include some corruptions of it!  Mostly supposed to be from the Latin “Clausum” (for ‘closed’), and via the French ‘closet’ (pronounced .. “cloz-eh”), it has been a recognized word since the 17th Century.   […]


A conundrum for you!

I’m a Brit and you can count the number of closets in the UK pretty well on the fingers of both hands!  So… what’s a Brit doing talking about closets? Well … I started in the custom cabinetry business many moons ago working for a UK company who manufactured Fitted […]


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